Monday, 26 August 2013

In The Distance...

My Theme:
It is where the moon is, it is where that train whistle is coming from, it is the time when we get to take the trip to Hong Kong Disney, and it is where Gramma and Grampa live - all of these things are in the distance.  We use this phrase a lot with our little O.G.G.  It helps.   All these things exist.  They are things that we will experience up close again, even if not this second.

Sketch 1:
In the distance, we plan to experience what we are now calling our "Year of Adventure."  We will take the year to follow our passions, to hike, to kayak, to learn (but not from a textbook).  We will travel the US going from city to city, studying their histories and drinking their beers.  We'll spend entire days biking and entire days reading.  We'll practice our Spanish and our Ukulele.  We'll play, we'll eat well and we will savour each the distance.

I used illustrator and Photoshop.  I learned about clipping masks and putting effects onto those clipping masks.

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  1. Dude, Patrick - the overall look of this piece is striking. The layering works just perfect - at first I thought the book layer is the most favourite of mine - the resemblance of book spines & buildings is remarkable - what an idea! Upon a closer look I realized that I actually don't have a favourite layer - they all have a great feel - the map, the mountains, the technical drawings - sweet! Great one!