Sunday, 30 November 2014

Shaun's "The Design of Life" Challenge

I have just finished up my latest drawing, "The Design of Life" for Lauren. I had played with sketching some trees earlier this month, and they seemed to sum up what it is to design for life, and they look great.

So I scoured the internet for some inspirational quotes, built those into my drawing and hey presto here it is. This month I was excited to use my new pigment pens which are more water resistant and don't fade as much over time. On top of that I bought 3 different thicknesses to allow me to get some variety in the lines that I use in my drawings.

Thank you to Lauren for the subject, here's a quick timelapse video of how the drawing came together.

1 comment:

  1. Shaun, you actually created two works of art at the same time. One final drawing and the stop motion video. Both are thoroughly enjoyable. My favorite parts are "go out on a limb" and "remember your roots" great connecting to the metaphor of the tree as well as expressing your world view. Thanks for sharing!!