Monday, 27 May 2013

Exploring Shadows and Media in Heather Dowd's Book

I have always loved taking pictures of shadows.  I thought I would take Heather's Exploration theme and see what I could find.  Initially, I really wanted to get my Nikon out and search the whole island for shadows I could shoot.  With my foot injury, I quickly realized that mobility is a bit of an issue.   I decided that I would have to add to my "Shadow Album" via  my iPhone5.  I found a few interesting shadows around home and printed them out on regular printer paper  (I must really buy photo paper and better glue). I think the shots around home could have been really good, had I played on iPhoto or used Lightroom to clean them up.  I hope to continue exploring shadows this summer.  Thanks for giving me the chance to explore, Heather!

First set of photos:  Mia on Sentosa  2011- Playing With Shadows

Second set of photos: iPhone 5 - Around the House (The three in the middle are difficult to see as the glue soaked through the paper)

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