Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Heidi's Empty Nest

This is my own "literal" empty nest for my empty nest themed book. The description, "empty nest" has a sad, melancholy feeling attached to it, but, it isn't all bad, just an adjustment.  I started with the nest, zigzagging the frame, then using strips of black fleece cording cut along the stretch to raise the dimension of the nest, as a new dimension is emerging in my life. I left ends of the fleece cording out to represent twigs and loose ends, all good things that make up a sturdy nest. I spent a bit of time stitching the center of the nest round and round, maybe imagining where my energy should go next now that my girls are gone from the nest. Likewise, the blue stitching radiates from the center of the nest away, giving off energy, that is being captured by lots of new adventures. 
A new chapter. A new beginning.

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