Monday, 4 September 2017

Erin's "transform"

Erin Caskey here.   
My theme is TRANSFORM.
I had fun integrating the name of the theme as well as my own name in the cover of my sketchbook.

In this page, there are a few elements of Transformation. The left page is organic forms with varied shading techniques. When i was drawing the blobs on the left, i was thinking of how bees change pollen in to honey. That is one of my favorite transformations that occurs in nature!!!  I ran out of time, but i will color it (so you can see it's pollen/honey). 

The right page is more mechanical with gears. I made a collaged insect by cutting out different pieces from of a Lego how-to booklet for a Lego plane and transforming it into a mechanical insect.  

This drawing isn't as Transform- related but was fun to make. I went to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition and wanted to use the museum sticker in a sketchbook image. She is known for using dots/circles in her art and I liked how the museum sticker is also circle. 

Side note: I'm a bit disappointed with this sketchbook paper because it is very thin. I can see the gears from the previous image through the paper. so if you get mine to draw in.... maybe skip pages between designs.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work. I'm proud of our collective commitment to taking moments and making somethings. 


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  1. That was a fabulous exhibit and how playful of you to figure out a way to incorporate the sticker. Very fun! I am terrible at shading and I like how you used a variety of techniques on the page (hatches, dots, etc.).