Sunday, 3 September 2017

Mash Up- Matthew Laurence

I am excited and looking forward to experimenting again this year with the sketchbook exchange. A big shout out to Becky Green for setting this up again!

My theme for this year is "Mash-Up", to combine, add, subtract, elements and processes to mash-up a creation figuratively or literally.

The cover is developed from an idea that will be developed further with a printmaking project for my Art Foundations class to which they will generate a range of mono prints on paper and then apply a silhouette of some sort to form a focal point.

It is a tricky thing to apply more or less to the negative space in order to retain the focal point to the work. Yet this is where the mash-up comes into play. I hope everyone that participates this year has a chance to step out of their comfort zone, get comfortable in letting creativity take over, and just find the time to step out of the ordinary.

Matthew Laurence

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  1. I love how the gears and lines and orange work in the silhouette to suggest complexity. Very cool!