Sunday, 14 April 2013


I chose the theme of exploration because I am a novice explorer in the world of art. I never considered myself artistic or creative, but more recently, my definition of those words is expanding. I also thought that I couldn't learn how to draw, but after taking an art class through Groupon last year, I've changed my mind on that too! (This also reaffirms my belief that all kids can learn.)

For these reasons, and because I like to learn new things, I said yes to Becky's sketchbook fun. So off I went to Art Friend to look for supplies. Knowing nothing about art supplies, I just explored the aisles and ended up with a basic graphite pencil set and a set of watercolour pencils that intrigued me. Using Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life as inspiration, I created the above. I played with the pencils and water and saw the results. If I did it again, I could do it better...and that's the point, right? Happy exploring everyone!


  1. I saw this in person and seeing it here---with the white space accentuated--gives it a whole different dimension. I love those top tendrils of the tree against that white background. Lovely and alive!

  2. Inspiring use of color and subject. Your piece is far from novice, that's evident! I am super impressed with your choice to take an art class. What a great idea! In Colorado, there was a huge movement of people going to art classes with friends, drinking wine, and creating together. Sounds like that's what we're doing!

  3. Heather - this is beautiful! It makes me think of fairies and fantasies and freshly mowed grass....all from one exploration :)