Sunday, 21 April 2013

Heidi exploring in Heather's book

I was so happy for Heather's theme of "Exploration". I'm really into trying to do something of my own design in quilting. Quilting usually has lots of formula and instructions, but I just love freestyle, texture, design. Anyway, I used muslin as a base to explore going crazy with my stitching. Then I topstitched with black. I wasn't sure when I should stop, and maybe I shouldn't have.... As I was sewing the black topstitching, I felt a little bit like I was playing "pong", that very first video game we played on our TV! Are you all old enough to remember that?


  1. I loved Pong, and I love THIS. I hope we get a chance to do a little gallery walk or something when the swap is over because I want to see those stitches and texture up close...this is admirable work.

  2. Heidi, this is SO COOL. I can imagine an entire quilt centred around Pong (ditto what Becky said - that and Frogger, man!). It would look amazing, and the texture incredible.

  3. Who can forget Pong! As my son got his PS3 for his 12th birthday, Josh and I were marveling at the transformation that video games have made from Pong's primitive graphics to the surreal graphics of his Transformer video game. The stitching and color is such an attracting combination.