Tuesday, 9 April 2013

pencil and pen

I pencil sketched over the weekend and came up with this. I had back surgery in January, and it has dominated just about every part of my life. The top half shows a frontal view of a spine, my doctor's eyes, my hospital bed, and the phrase "Goodnight, Mr. Joshua," the last thing I heard before going under the anaesthesia. The bottom half shows a spine from the side and lots of numbers. Some are the weight I've lost, some are my class periods, some are my vertebrae numbers. The spines in the top and bottom show the places where the vertebrae are fused by screws and rods, and I drew those in pen. --Josh


  1. I like your fusion of ideas into one piece of art. I love knowing the meaning behind art and I don't always get that at an art museum. That's why this project is so fun.

  2. I love your sketch Josh, particularly the numbers and what they symbolise - awesome!

  3. What a gift to have been here, in Singapore, to have you, my best friend, mended. It's so wonderful to have you back! (pardon the pun)