Thursday, 11 April 2013

Home (?)

I chose the theme Home for my book; it was the one thing that kept coming back to me when I was trying to come up with ideas. No doubt the imminent end of the school year had a strong influence on my state of mind.
"Home" (at least for me) is not easy to define. Having been an expat for over 30 years I feel that a home comes in many different shapes and forms, associations and emotions, people and places so I chose words that spoke of home to me, or at least leant themselves to my definition of it. It's ended up looking like a page out of my diary from the 1980's though……and so it begins ;)


  1. I really look forward to seeing how different people interpret your theme. This is a powerful one for all of us, and since it's not always easy to talk about, I think it absolutely belongs in a sketchbook. As for '80's diaries---that makes me feel VERY at home. :-)

  2. Home is a complicated topic for many. I love how you've chosen different words that mean home to you...and the different fonts represent how home can be many different things. Thanks for sharing!

  3. "Home is where you are" ~ I can't remember where I heard it (somewhere on TV, but can't remember the context) few days ago. It really struck a cord with me as my family settles into our life as ex-pats and made me think of your post. Such an important idea to explore to make us feel connected to one another. It feels like home when we all get together.