Friday, 26 April 2013

Rhian's entry into Amy's reinvention journey

I am married to an amazing man, have two incredible sons, my father and brother are my role models. I was the first girl born into my family for what  (apparently) seemed like generations. After high school, I chose to pursue a degree in math & science and from there fell in love with the idea of teaching high school math: a heavily male-dominated subject area if ever there was one. I have, for most of my life and career, been outnumbered by the male of the species in most situations. As wonderful as all of the males in my life are or have been, as my own sons get older and require less from me, I find myself rediscovering the girly-side of me. Always there, just well hidden behind being "one-of-the-boys". I love Amy's theme of reinvention, as I feel am in a state of reinvention in my life right now. Working with a new team of fabulous women (and a couple of lovely chaps, too!), meeting new friends, having the types of new experiences that moving to a new city and job affords you, I am enjoying rediscovering my girlie side again; simple pleasures and joys not forgotten, just shelved for a while. Looking at my contribution to Amy's book I am reminded that I really need to find some art supplies….black pen and coloured pencils were all that were at hand J


  1. Rhi, your bold image is the perfect companion to your bold message. And what a comforting reminder that the parts of ourselves that had to be shelved for certain seasons can re-emerge and reinvent themselves in welcome ways. That gives me great hope. And it also makes me wonder if you and I should be scheduling a girly high tea...

  2. A girly high tea, a spa day, and a weekend at the outlet malls... I can't wait! Spectacular color and image! I love their connection.

  3. Rhi, this is fabulous. I'm a story girl, and I love the story behind this image. It also totally reminds me of my own experiences growing up. I was a massive tomboy, and in fact, for my 4th birthday, my wish was to be a boy - I was the first girl in a long line of boy cousins (I worshipped them all). (I also have a teachable for middle school/high school math - we should talk!).